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Music Production Tutorials and Articles

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Song Writing Tutorials

How To Mix Down A Song
Creating the initial tracks, mixing down the song, and then mastering your musical projects. This article goes in depth on mixing levels and techniques to improve your songs.

Creating A Demo Tape
Every record label has its own guidelines for submitting demos. This is a general guide for some of the production standards when creating your demo tape.

How To Set Up And Record Vocals
This article explains how to set up and record vocals. The equipment that you need to get started and some recording techniques.

Producing Sound With Computer Recording Equipment
Producing sound has come a long way from plugging into an old 4-track recorder and jamming down your bands new demo song. A sound producer today, utilizes computer recording equipment to track sound and for mixing vocals, and individual audio tracks. A recording studio computer has now become the heart of the production.

Introduction to music
Allot of things have not changed in music, classical songs have been resurrected through musical analysis and turned into computerized midi musical notation that can be heard in new electronic compositions of today.

The Flanger Effect
There are countless effects out on the market that help mold, shape, and totally distort your sound. But today I'm going to tell you a little bit about, one of the more popular, and commonly used effects, the flanger effect.

Reverb Tutorial
What reverb is, and tips when applying reverb to a track

Tips On Percussion
Tips on programming realistic sounding percussion lines, how to give some life to your drum samples by altering pitch, velocity and adding a shuffle.

10 Tips To Producing A Good Song
10 tips on how to produce a better song, hints on mixing, and working with frequencies when you are mixing down a track.

Editing Samples
Music loops in media today - tips on how to edit samples, hints on mixing with loops, and working with creating samples for your music

Exporting Tracks From Fruityloops
This is a valuable time saver for anyone who uses Fruityloops to create there loops, and an alternative program for sequencing.

Recording Studio Tips
Tips for your home recording studio.

DJ Tips & Tricks
Here are a few cool dj tips & tricks that I have learned. Most of these are old school tricks but can be impressive, if there pulled off with the right record.

Choosing the Right Kick Drum Sample for your Song
Selecting and mixing the right kick drum sample into your track, selecting the right kick drum can make or break a track

Is Your Sample Library Holding Your Mix Back?
There is an overwhelming amount of audio resources all over the net. with only a small percentage of high quality samples, that a professional producer or engineer would actually use.

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