Music Loops in Media Today

Music loops have found many uses within our media today. you hear them in commercials, video games, movies, toys, radio, music, websites, and cell phones.

It is for this reason that music loops have become a useful tool for a production artist. why hire an expensive orchestra to perform, when you can spend a few dollars and buy rights to some music loops of an orchestra. You can also create great sounds with existing samples and saving time by not having to program your own loops, its always nice to create your own loops but dropping a filter on a prefabricated percussion loop could be just what you song needs, and it can't hurt to have a good sample library in your studio to help get the creative juices flowing into your mixer.

Laws of Sampling

Did you know? It is illegal to sample any amount of sound produced by another artist without there permission, even a millisecond. I would recommend seeking permission of the artist/label or just use samples of your own. There are sampling Cd's out there meant just for artists to use. Be aware, every CD is different and some have legal closures saying you must give them recognition on your album for using there samples, or limit you in some way or another. So always be sure to read the license agreement of the sample CD before you buy it.

Editing Samples

Having nice clean organized library of samples and loops can help your creative songwriting process flow. By editing your samples you can cut, chop, equalize, transform and mix with any of your other samples, creating some new fresh music loops to work with. Every once in a while, take the time to create new samples out of your old ones. You would be amazed what sounds you will create once you start experimenting. Always keep in mind there are no limits when it comes to experimenting with sound.

Where to Find Music Loops

Music loops are sold in many different manners, you can purchase sample Cd's, Dvd's, or download them off of a website, there are alot of free samples out on the net, but you also have the choice for paying for them individually, or on a subscriptions that allow infinite downloads. my recommendation is to browse around and see what's out there, and go with witch ever format suits you the best.

Music loops have become a part of and will play a significant role in the evolution of media. so go out and get your self a sample CD of music loops, and mix down some tracks.