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Most of these are old school tricks but can be impressive, if there pulled off right.

Using Two of the Same Records to Achieve a Reverb or Delay

I learned this trick from dj shagz. Take two records of the same song and get them in beat with each other so that the songs are literally over layed exactly on top of each other. Once you have this draw the base out of the record you are about to mix in and bring the track in. Now slowly bend the pitch ever so slightly and a reverb effect will occur. Now repeat the same procedure except slip the record out of beat and fade in and out for a delay effect.

How to Play a Record Backwards

This trick may not work with all turntables but it defiantly works with the Vestax PDX-A2's that I use. Take an ashtray a little thicker than the cartridge on your turntable, and place it upside down and centered on the slip-mat. Now take a piece of gum and stick a record centered on top of the ashtray, the gum helps hold it in place. Now you must flip your cartridge upside down, and then screw it back into the tonal arm. You must also weight the tonal arm so that it has a tendency to spring upward instead of down. Now start the record and slide the tonal arm underneath the record as far as you can towards the ashtray and it will play your record backwards.

How to Add your own Drums on a Record

Another trick you can do is have a record playing on one deck and set the tonal arm on the beginning or the end of the record where no music is written now have the record stopped and tap on the record with your finger. The vibration from you tapping will sound like a base beat. Tap in beat with the other record to fatten up the base or add your own percussive touch.

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