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Is Your Sample Library Holding Your Mix Back?

By: Motion Samples

Many of our clients constantly email us asking “how do you get that clear full sound?” Well, it all starts from the source itself which is the actual audio samples or loops. There is an overwhelming amount of audio resources all over the net. With only a small percentage of high quality samples, that a professional producer or engineer would actually use. The reason is many of these sounds have been badly recorded, converted to mp3, and processed by inexperienced users leaving you with a bunch of washed out audio samples to make music from. That’s a bad start already! Any experienced producer or engineer would agree that having a pro quality sample library is a big asset for making sample and loop based music.

If you’re willing to make the change we suggest getting rid of audio that you don’t use or that sounds bad. Your experience and equipment determines how you can analyze audio at different levels and point out the good from the bad. Good audio samples have a full vibrant sound that have been recorded or processed by outboard instruments and gear. Bad audio samples sound thin and cheap which is usually caused from a poor recording or a plug-in sound. There is only so much you can do to revive a bad recording which is why good engineers have musicians re-record it. Although cleaning up and refreshing your sample library may not be a technical practice, but rather good work ethics that can put your production steps ahead.

Getting quality sounds costs money and is an investment to your music and production. Top producers will invest their time or hire engineers to make drum samples, sound loops and effects which will give them a unique sound and also help achieve an easy mix. A good idea is to build your own libraries by renting different instruments on a weekly basis to record samples and loops from. If you prefer to buy sounds then make sure you do some research on the company you are buying from and also ask them how they produce their audio recordings. Good sample sites should always have demos, free sample downloads and a full product description with the exact number of sounds contained in that product.

There is nothing more exciting then having a fresh batch of audio samples to work with and if you’re serious about making good music then your sample library is not where you want to get cheap! Try to take the time to develop sounds or purchase some good libraries for yourself and then see how fast your production will improve. If you want to know what quality audio should sound like you can download some free drum samples and loops on our site.

Remember that being choosey and using quality sounds is the foundation to a perfect mix.

By: Motion Samples

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