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Producing Sound with Computer Recording Equipment

Producing sound has come a long way from plugging into an old 4-track recorder and jamming down your bands new demo song. A sound producer today, utilizes computer recording equipment to

track sound and for mixing vocals, and individual audio tracks. A recording studio computer has now become the heart of the production.

Computer Recording Equipment

Software synthesizers have become limitless in production ability. The simple action of a vst download and installation in you software sequencer, will allow you to shape and alter sound patches and audio tracks with an array of different parameter mods.

Track Sound

Tracking sound has become a lot easier with multi-track recording software. the number of audio tracks you can either record or playback and mix simultaneously all depends on your computer cpu and ram power. Unless you have a very extensive recording set up just about any computer will enable you to do more than a 4 track recorder without running into hardware upgrading issues.

Audio Tracks

Keep all of you audio files organized. It is a shame when a song never gets heard because a back up was never made, or being unable to retrieve a song after a few months because its been buried somewhere on your hard drive. When your sequencing efforts get under way you will soon realize the quantity of audio tracks and snippets that you have to keep organized, and once you start editing you will want to save a series of back ups so that you can always go back to a better sounding previous version of your audio track

Home Studio Music

Just because you are stuck making music in your home recording studio does not mean it has to be of any lesser quality than the professionals. There have been many software programs written under free licenses for distribution to help allow home users to create a virtual software studio at little or no cost. Always remember that its not how good your computer recording equipment is, its how you operate it, that makes your audio tracks sound good.

Stereo Mix

A sound producer uses the stereo signal in an audio track for mixing vocals and other sounds into the own isolated space. By panning sound to both left right and center channels you can create an atmosphere of depth that distinguishes the sounds from one another in your audio tracks.

Always remember this is no right way to produce sound, A sound producer is simply an audio artist with sound as a medium, computer recording equipment has given some cool tools to the music industry but its the sounds you hear in your soul that are the basis of quality audio production.

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