Exporting Tracks from Fruityloops

This is a valuable time saver for anyone who uses 'Fruityloops' to create there loops, and an alternative program for sequencing. Simply route all of your instruments to fx channels 1 threw 16. It is best to do this as you are building your song. It can get tricky depending on how your effects are laid out and how many different instruments use the same effect but are needed on seperate channels for the mix down of your song.

When its time to render your song make sure that in the 'options' section of your rendering window, that you check the 'split FX tracks' box. This will render all of your tracks separately, and render a master loop of all your tracks in one. In addition make sure your 'samplers interpolation' is set to (sinc depth 256) and that you are outputting a wav file and not mp3. This will ensure that your loops are rendered out at their maximum quality. Sound quality plays a very important role when you are producing dance music or any other type of music for that matter.

Now you have up to 16 tracks to import to your favorite sequencing program, like cubase, protools or any other sequencing program. Creating a song in this manner is great because it will free up your cpu from all the synthesizers and vst instruments. This allows you to have more power for eq'ing during the mixing phase of your song.

Fruityloops is fully capable of creating a final mix of your song, but I personally have gotten better results by using a different sequencer for my mix downs.

Tip: Every time you create a song/mix write down some brief track notes in a text editor. These notes can include: BPM, length of song, where the samples came from, some brief notes of the mix and any other notes that may help you retrace your steps. this text file will be very useful if you ever come back to a song at a later date.