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Introduction To Music

Audio files of music have been recorded for over a hundred years, classical songs were recorded to vinyl records, which have evolved into the digital mediums of music today. Allot of things have not changed in music though, classical songs have been resurrected through musical analysis and turned into computerized midi musical notation that can be heard in new electronic compositions of today. The saying is true, that history does repeat itself.

There is another reason for this, because after a song has reached a certain age the copyrights expire and the songs become part of the public domain allowing musicians to use the music without royalty, many musicians also submit music and sounds to the public domain just for the purpose of offering free information or in this case free music to the public.

Opening Up Musical Possibilities

Music is now available in more places that ever thought before, from accent music on websites to portable music players docked to your audio home stereo. With such a demand for new creative digital music, electronic sound production has grown enormously, and allowed for new ways to control sound. This has opened up work for individuals, with music downloading happening on-line, large music corporations are taking a hit while independent record labels are on the rise, taking advantage of the even playing field of the Internet.

Using Your Computer With Conventional Instruments

Those of you looking to use your computer as a musical instruments recorder, this can be a very simple or complex set up depending on the quality of recording you are trying to achieve. A microphone , microphone preamplifier and a stock sound card for your computer and your off and recording anything you can point a microphone at. If you are looking to achieve a full drum set recording using several microphones, you will need to graduate to an analogue mixing console to keep tabs on the multiple microphones.

If you do not feel inclined to produce electronic music or record with a computer, but there are many uses for computers in relation to music such as; how to write song lyrics, finding song lyrics on the web, metronome software to keep you in beat while playing an instrument, or sheet music to your favorite artist.

The possibilities are endless to how computers will lend themselves as essential tools to the music industry.

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