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Music Production Articles

Creating a Demo Tape
Choosing the Right Kick Drum for your Song
Low, High, and Band Pass Filters
10 Tips to Producing a Good Song
Producing Sound with Computer Recording Equipment
Editing Samples
Exporting Tracks from Fruityloops
Studio Tips
Dj Tips & Tricks
Tips on Percussion

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Foundations Vol 1 			- Music Production Samples

Just for visiting our site we are giving you "Foundations Vol. 1 - Music Production Samples" to download at no cost. Thats 50 free high quality sound samples from this collection to download in .wav format. There is no sign-up or e-mail needed, so what are you waiting for.

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Bonus Samples:

10 Free one-shot wav kick drum samples

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Furniture solutions for your home recording studio. Exploring all aspects of whats needed to furnish your studio space.

All Aspects of Independent CD Production
It's possible to produce an independent CD that has a professional look, with proper printing, choice of jewel cases, burn speed and design, your productions will sell better than ever! Also a good tip on how to get around using shrink wrap on your CD cases.

Basics for a Home Recording Studio
Here are the five basic essentials that you will need to get your home recording studio up and running, and some general advice on features to look for in audio recording equipment including: studio reference monitors, audio software, midi controllers, and soundcards.

The Flanger Effect

There are countless effects out on the market that help mold, shape, and totally distort your sound. But today I'm going to tell you a little bit about, one of the more popular, and commonly used effects, the flanger effect.

Reverb Tutorial
What reverb is, where to use reverb in your songs, and tips when applying a reverb effect to a track.

How to Set up and Record Vocals
This article explains how to set up, and record vocals. The equipment that you need to get started, and some recording techniques.

Intro To Home Audio (Basics) - Part 1
This guide answers alot of home audio questions for anyone struggling with home entertainment center or just simply trying to hook up that old amplifier and set of speakers

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