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Audio Filters - Low, High, and Band Pass Filters

There are thousands of different audio filters that can be applied to a track when creating a mix, but each one is unique to its set of parameters that you can use to shape sound and equalize tracks to sit better within a mix. Low pass, high pass and band pass are three common filters that you will find on audio production software.

Low Pass Filter

When you hear a really quiet and low bass sound that grows with the build up or intro of a song, then it was probably achieved but automating a fade on the low pass filters cutoff. Low pass can also be used as a static filter to shave high frequencies in kick drums that might be muddying your sound when mixing down a track.

Band Pass Filter

band pass filters are used more to isolate a frequency range so that an instrument does not play any sound that is outside of the frequency you are trying to target. Band pass is usually used less frequently than high and low pass filters for automating effects.

High Pass Filter

When you hear a track that has a high frequency sound that sounds like a really tiny speaker that gets fuller in sound as the crescendo brings in the song. auto mating a high pass filters cutoff fader, combing this with an automated reverb can also produce some coll results. High pass can also be used to get help isolate an instruments frequency better when mixing down a track.

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