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10 Free Royalty-free .wav Kick Drum Samples

Below is a sample pack for you to download. All of these sounds are royalty-free .wav samples for you to use in your tracks. The only restriction that applies is that you may not redistribute these samples "as a sample collection" or "as individual samples". Please read our Terms of Use for more information

(to download sample right-click the link and 'save target as')

File size
punchy kick
9 kb
sine drop
87 kb
deep sine drop
87 kb
tiny kick
35 kb
hard kick
11 kb
soft kick
17 kb
kick_07 smooth kick
25 kb
kick_08 quick kick
11 kb
kick_09 low kick
87 kb
kick_10 long sine drop
335 kb

These sounds are great for creating your own drum loops or for sequencing into your own musical projects. Be sure to visit our other sample page that includes 50 free .wav sound effects and music samples for you to download.

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