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Home Recording Studio Construction Tutorials and Articles

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Studio Construction Tutorials

Furniture For Your Recording Studio
Furniture solutions for your home recording studio. Exploring all aspects of what is needed to furnish your studio space.

Basics For A Home Recording Studio
Here are the five basic essentials that you will need to get your home recording studio up and running, and some general advice on features to look for in audio recording equipment including: studio reference monitors, audio software, midi controllers, and soundcards.

Music Sequencer Reviews - Buyers Guide
Read this review if you are in search of getting into music producing but and want to know your options of software sequencers for your music

Building A Music Production Studio
How to build a home recording studio, PC based studios, things to consider before purchasing your recording equipment

Sound Proofing
How to sound proof the walls of your studio, including tips on preventing sound from entering and leaving a room, and how to compensate with noise reduction techniques.

10 Ways To Optimize Your PC For Music Production
Is your PC running really slow and you need that extra little bit of CPU to finish up your song. Here are a few tips to help optimize your old machine.

Loose Faders On Your Mixer
Do your faders have a tendency to pop off when your spinning a set, well here is a little tip to help fix up those loose faders on your old DJ mixer.

Proper Maintenance Of Your DJ Equipment
How to clean your records, slipmats, and sound equipment.

Laptop Studios: Mobile Audio Solutions
Having the freedom to create music on a laptop studio in any location can really open the possibility to some very interesting and inspiring recording environments.

Intro To Home Audio (Basics) - Part 1
This guide answers alot of home audio questions for anyone struggling with home entertainment center or just simply trying to hook up that old amplifier and set of speakers

Intro To Home Audio (Basics) - Part 2
speaker placement, stereo seperation and integrating your computer into your home entertainment center.

Intro To Home Audio (Basics) - Part 3
How to weight the tone arm on your record player or turntable.

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