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Loose Faders on your Mixer ?

Do you have loose faders on your mixer that tend to fly off when you fade in a song to quick or a cross fader that comes loose when your in the middle of a scratch session. Well I have the solution to this pesky problem and it won't cost you a dime!

Remove your crossfader by pulling straight up, look on the under side of the fader to see if there is any broken plastic underneath the fader knob. Some times you can carefully bend it back into place, just be sure not to snap off any plastic. On your mixer you should have a thin piece of metal that the knob slides onto. Now here's the trick, if you take a piece of plastic (say from a milk bag, or anything similar) and cut it to the width of thin piece of metal. Fold the tiny piece of plastic over the piece of metal and place the fader knob back onto the mixer.

While your fixing any loose faders and stereo knobs, use this chance to give your mixer faceplate a good cleaning. Just mix a very mild alcohol based solution dampen a rag with it and dust away. This will help prevent volume knobs from cackling and get rid rid of some of the dust build up that can damage your sound quality and life of your mixer.

Prevent Dust Build Up

To prevent dust from building up there in the fist place take something like a t shirt and throw in over your DJ mixer when you aren't using it. This make shift dust cover will help extend the life of your cross fader.

Pass these tips on to anyone you know that is a DJ or that may find this information helpful, I'm sure you could apply this to any device that has similar construction, and I hope this will help prevent those loose knobs from getting lost.

You may also want to check out this article on proper maintenance of your DJ equipment, and learn how to clean your crossfader and more.

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