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10 Ways to Optimize Your PC for Music Production

1. If you are using VST instruments, render them down to .wav this will free up a lot of CPU for adding more instruments.

2. If you are running a platform like windows 98 right click on your desktop, go into the properties menu, then click on the effects tab and take off all the visual effects setting, most of these are useless we are producing audio not images.

3. Defragment your computer, this will help it run smoother and help prevent your computer from freezing.

4. Most audio programs have a buffer setting in the audio preferences, adjusting this will help playback of your song.

5. The more hard-drive space you have the faster your computer will run, so delete any un necessary files, clean off your hard drive its probably long over due.

6. Keep your desktop icons to a minimum, this eats up minimal CPU but every little bit counts.

7. Due a ctrl-alt-del to see if any unwanted programs are running that shouldn't be.

8. Render heavy effects to .wav before you sequence it this will limit you overall but it will free up allot of cpu while sequencing

9. Try different audio programs and or VST's some use more CPU than others.

10. Try rendering grouped tracks down to one track giving you less overall tracks to finally sequence. (eg. rendering out your percussion down to one track before your start adding melody.)

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