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Music Promotion

9 Top Canadian Music Associations
All Aspects of Independent CD Production
Starting your own Web Site
Choosing Website Colors
Places to Submit your Music to
Increase Web Site Traffic
Music Promotion
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Song Writing Articles

How to Mix Down a Song
Creating a Demo Tape
How to Set Up and Record Vocals
Producing Sound With Computer Recording Equipment
The Flanger Effect
Reverb Tutorial
Tips on Percussion
10 Tips to Producing a Good Song
Editing Samples
Exporting Tracks from Fruityloops
Studio Tips
Dj Tips & Tricks

Studio Construction

Furniture for your Recording Studio
Music Sequencer Reviews - Buyers Guide
Building a Music Production Studio
Sound Proofing
10 Ways to Optimize your PC for Music Production
Loose Faders on your Mixer
Proper Maintenence of your Dj Equipment
Laptop Studios: Mobile audio solutions


Alternate Income:"the starving artist"
Loud Music can Damage your Ears
DVD burners: Are you thinking of getting one?
10 Steps to Home Office Organization
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