Music Promotion and Marketing

Submitting your tunes to as many sites as possible can build big fan bases for you with very little effort. There are many companies out there right now that either give you a free listing for your web page and/or host your music for you. Some of these companies charge money but most offer you ability to place x number of songs for free and charge more for more promotion and features. Below is a couple of good places that I have come across that will host your music for you, and let you create your own listing.,,,,,, and

There are many other similar companies, these are just a few to get you started. this listings not only promote your music to the listeners of the respective web sites but it helps get your name out there in the search engines as well.

Mp3 trading and downloading has become one of the most popular things that people do when surfing on the Internet. So make yourself known. Put a listing on every source that you can on the web. The more places you are the more someone is likely to find you.

Another good place to submit you information to is our own web site listing, its free, no account sign-ups just fill out a simple form with the url of your web site, artists description, and a bit about your last album. Your e-mail will stay private, the only reason we have it is in case we have to inform you of any changes to your listing.

Below is the link to our add your self as an artist

add your self as an artist

A few music promotion sites on the web will actually provide you with good feedback on your tunes, and most of these sites will actually show you rankings as well.