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Music Promotion

9 Top Canadian Music Associations and What They Do
There is a lot of help offered if you are involved in the Canadian music industry. Below is a round up of 9 of the top Associations and a brief description of what they do:

All Aspects Of Independent CD Production
It's possible to produce an independant CD that has a professional look, with proper printing, choice of jewel cases, burn speed and design, your productions will sell better than ever! Also a good tip on how to get around using shrink wrap on your CD cases.

Starting Your Own Web Site
Don't lose out on valuable promotion. Having a web site to showcase your work can be the easiest way to reach thousands of people internationally.

Choosing Website Colors
How to choose killer color combinations for your website. Don't let your website become victom of those horrid color schemes.

Places To Submit Your Music To
Promoting your band through multiple outlets online can be an effective way to increase exposure. Here is a list of free places to submit your music for online music promotion.

Increase Web Site Traffic
Some basic tips to increase visitors to your website, targeted traffic is essential you to your websites success. Don't waste your time pitching your product to someone who doest care. Quality traffic is much more valuable than your amount of visitors.

Independent Music Promotion
Online and Offline promotion, what are you doing to help increase online sales?

CD Cover Design
How to create an independant CD that has a professional look. With proper printing, choice of cases, and design, your CD's will sell better than ever.


Other Articles

Alternate Income:"The Starving Artist"
Ways to create alternate income for musicians, starting off in the music business can bring hard times, here are a few tips to increase your revenue.

Ms Pacman Upright Arcade Machine
A documented journal of a Ms Pacman machine restoration, fully illustrated with pictures.

Loud Music Can Damage your Ears
Excessive subjection to loud music can damage your ears – read on for information on prevention of hearing loss, and how this can effect your future.

DVD Burners: Are You Thinking Of Getting One?
With up to 9.4 gigs of storage, DVD's are becomming a very popular solution for archiving and backing up files.

10 Steps To Home Office Organization
This guide will take you through the process of de-cluttering your home office. Follow these 10 steps to a new and improved organized work environment.

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