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Creating a Promotional campaign on the Internet can help you gain international recognition.
by Kevin Healy
September 15, 2006

Promoting your music online is the easiest way to reach thousands of listeners all across the world. The first essential for an artist is to get themselves a web site. These can be acquired for nothing if your willing to do some work, or you can pay a designer to make one for you.

Now you have to promote your music site, this should be done both online and offline (business cards, stickers, flyers, CD booklets). For online promotion make sure that your site is submitted to all of the big search engines (google,yahoo,msn). I recommend doing your own manual submissions, and not to use the automatic submission programs out there.

Make a presence on other music sites, you can use this music promotion tool to add yourself as an artist on the Canadian music artists listing for free. There are many other similar sites that you should make yourself present on like,, ect. Doing this will help promote your web site, your music, and direct targeted traffic to your site.

Building your Music Promotion Campaign

Do not skimp on your bands website, you should continue to add content like new songs, upcoming shows, maybe even incorporate a personal blog into your site so that you fans can get a chance to know you on a personal level, this kind of content can help draw a following for your music. Make sure that your songs are very well labeled and writing some compelling description can entice listeners to want to download and listen to your music. Song descriptions can include mood, genre, inspiration behind writing the track.

Continue building your music promotion campaign, this is a task that never ends, the more you do, the greater long term success you will have. There are many more resources on the net to help guide you through the evolution of your music promotion, and there are many other mediums of advertisement to consider: radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, flyers, stickers, merchandise, concerts, gigs, and the most important word of mouth. Some are free and others are not, so explore what you can afford.

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