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How To Increase Web Site Traffic

There are many ways to get traffic to your site, and these methods are constantly changing with the evolution of the Internet, and the technology of search engines. This article describes proven formulas of getting targeted traffic to your site, and long term high search engine rankings.

Keywords, and Meta Tags

Keywords and meta tags, are used by search engines to catalogue your web page. all search engines work differently, some use them and some don't. I highly recommend using them though, as you will not be penalized for using them. Make sure that the title of your page, keyword/description meta tags. and your content all use matching terminology. By doing this, your web site will be ranked higher, for those selected search terms. It is also a good idea to keep your meta keywords to a minimum, the more of them that you use, the more diluted there value is. when choosing which keywords to use be specific. Use two or three words strung together, try not to be to general. Single words mean more competition for rankings and your visitors may not be targeted traffic.

Optimization of your Pages

Rough statistics (mid-2004) say that about 50% percent of north Americans still use low-speed dial up access. The smaller your page is the less downloading time the user will have to wait. people are becoming very impatient these days, and will only wait about 10 seconds for your page to load before hitting the back button on their browser. So use fast loading pages to increase web site traffic.

Banner Ads

These are displayed as big, small, thin and tall. there are many different shapes and sizes for banner ads. be sure to check into the sites requirements that you will be advertising on, before you start constructing your banners. It's pretty safe to say that most places accept the standard 468x60 banner, as these are a great for placing in between paragraphs in articles.

Refreshing your Content

Keep your content new and fresh and always add more content to your site. chances are if i were to stumble across a site with more info, than what i can read in one sitting, I'm liable to come back as a returning visitor in search of more content.

Back Links and Link Exchanges

This is one important factor in how google ranks your web site having credible back links to your site will boost your web site rankings.

Web Site Statistics

Having a web site statistics program lets you learn about your visitors, and gives you a good idea of what content is popular and how people navigate through your site.

404 Error Pages

This page occurs for a number of reasons, here are a couple:

  • You may have renamed a web page and someone is trying to access the old page that is no longer there.
  • The link may be broken

You can create your own error page, so that if your visitor receives a 404 error page, you'll be able to redirect them back to your home directory. Contact your web site hosting service to find out what name you have to give the file(eg. pagenotfound.html) and where to put the file(usually in the root directory of the web site).

Create a Site Map

Including a site map on your web site is a great way to help a frustrated visitor find their way to the information that they are looking for. this is recommended even if you think your site has clear navigation. we all search web site in different manners so why not offer a road map of your site for those who get lost and/or cant find what they are looking for.

Use all of these methods mentioned above and you will be sure to increase web site traffic.

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