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Loud Music Can Damage Your Ears

Listening to music too loud for too long can do some serious damage to your ears that may or may not be reversible, but why take the chance. I have met many audio enthusiasts who listen to their music at deafening levels, and most likely will have to give up their musical enjoyment in older age. So you ask, how can I prevent this from happening to me? well follow these precautions mentioned in the article and they will help prevent unnecessary hearing loss.

How Loud is your Music?

The first step is to asses how loud your music really is. If you listen to your stereo or diskman on a regular basis set the volume level to whatever level you usually listen to your music at. No I know this next step will be hard, but don't listen to that stereo , diskman or any other source of music for about 3 days. Go back to your regular listening device and turn it on, and you'll be shocked at how loud it will sound. This is because your ears have had a chance to heal, and you won't have to crank up the volume, to hear the music clearly.

Quality is the Key

The next step is to asses your stereo, having a stereo or speakers that carry a wide frequency range will sound clearer at louder at low levels this is because the human ear can distinguish all of the sounds in their proper frequency range allowing you to hear those quite sounds in the track without having the music turned up too loud.

Ear Plugs

If you go to a lot of concerts and raves you may want to invest in a pair of ear plugs, you will be able to hear the music then and later on down the road, just at a more comfortable listening level.

The Future of your Music Career

If you are a music producer you should take this topic into some serious consideration. As far as I know you cant get your ears insured, so if you damage them your career is screwed. Here are a few tips for producers who find that they listen to the same track loud over, and over while trying to perfect their mix.

Listen to your tracks at a low level and only turn it up once in a while this will not only help out your ears but it will also keep yourself interested in the track you are writing without the song felling like you've over played it.

If you tend to produce music constantly, take a 10-15 minute break every couple hours, this will give you a fresh listen when coming back to the track. You song may sound great to others and bad to you because of the death of the song by repetition.

Your ears are important and you only get one set of them, so be sure to take care of them.

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