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External DVD Burner Drives And The Rewritable DVD

by Kevin

DVD technology has evolved throughout the years, the DVD (Digital Video Disc) was first released in Japan in 1998. It has been close to a decade since then and the price of DVD players and DVD writers has dropped dramatically, and are now finally affordable to the average consumer.

DVD Formats

Over the years a number of different types of DVD formats have become available. DVD's hold either 4.7 GB or 9 GB depending on on whether it is a single or double sided DVD, and the newest technology "HD DVD" which can hold up to 30 GB. As far as the formats go Sony, Phillips, and Hewlett Packard use DVD+R or DVD+RW, and Apple, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung and Sharp use DVD-R or DVD-RW. If labeled with just an "R" than the disc can only be recorded once. If labeled "RW" the disc is re-writable.

External DVD Burner Drives

A great solution for your computer and possibly your laptop is using a rewritable DVD with an external DVD burner this set up will allow you to always have the ability to back up data on the go. A major problem that has plagued many is being able to properly archive large amounts of data. DVD's and their large storage capacities, have allowed for very easy archiving of massive amounts of data, in a very condensed size. There are bigger solutions available like archiving data on hard drives for information that is too large to fit on a DVD, but for the most part digital video discs are great to store your photos, music, and video collections on.

A DVD Is Better Than A CD For Music

The music and movie industry have a great quality technology to use at there disposal, and so do you, with a now affordable DVD burner for your home computer. The music industry has benefited from DVD's by offering customers with music videos from their favorite artists, and better quality sound than a CD for music. DVD's can hold surround sound audio giving artist a whole new field of sound to start producing on.. Although these DVD's can still be copied it is more difficult to share the files from them over the net because of the large file sizes.

So keep-up with the technology boom and get your hands on a DVD burner whether you need an internal or external burner drive, they are affordable, worth every penny and more.

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