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AirwavesAbove Music producer of all types from Windsor Ontario, looking for management, shows, demo submission, and any help with the Canadian music industry. Thank you AirwavesAbove
Alex Rhyan Singer/songwriter Alex Rhyan grew up loving music and dance but basketball was his main focus until he hit his teens when he wrote two songs for a talent show and never looked back. Basketball became secondary as his life took on a new artistic meaning. Alex's songs were very well received by critics and friends alike. Alex always knew that he had a strong passion for music, participating in choirs every year ... a natural songwriter... with a passionate voice... eventually turning into undeniable aspirations of a career in music. Coming soon...
Alice Ishkhanian I've written a few songs and published some under poetry.I use to work out of Psi-chord Records Studio in B.C. and have jammed at Led Zepplin's recording Studio in the Canyon, in California... A Canadian Music Artist, doing cover tunes with different bands in B.C., Ontario and California Have a few guitars ...Been there done that *grin*Here's a song for the road:Broken Hearteda castle of playing cards tumble in the windscattered on the floor placed from end to endflowers on the rug lipstick on the walls cracks along the ceiling a light ball in the halla shoebox as a crib for a doll with a broken handeach finger out of place wrapped in rubber bandstears streaming down her cheeks landing at her feettoy soldiers at the ready drummers sound their final fleetOatmeal cookies for the wheels to ride her to the endof a winding road of candy canes to make her stitches menda doll house roofed with sequence waits for the wounded dollto jump up out of her crib as if nothing happened at all just did some demos
All About Jazz Search for buying acoustic instrumental jazzy rock music what compose and play musician and guitar player Mario Tomic.Music albums characterize high production and virtuoso guitar playing with superb sound mix.Highly recommended music for buying and have in collection.Please visite our site. Mario Tomic
All Day Dreamers All Day Dreamers is a band that was put together about six years ago in Montreal. We have been practicing deligently three times a week for the past six years. We compose our own music and the lead singer's music teacher in college was so impressed that she paid for the production of their our first album. The album is good but our live performance is even better! The band consists of five members all Montreal born. Giancarlo Aimone lead singer - Bachelor in Fine Arts Major MusicAnthony Festoso- drummer- pursuing his Bachelor in Fine Arts Major MusicLuca Liberatore- lead guitar- pursuing college diploma-musicAnthony Lalla- rhythm guitarNicolas Raffael- Bass guitar The websites are as follows:!/pages/All-Day-Dreamers/ Giancarlo Aimone
All Dependent All Dependent is (currently) a one person electronic musical mission with a range of genre-mixing collaborations. Yet to come...
ALPHA BOYZ the best underground hip hop artist knock em out
Amanda Rheaume "Rheaume has an undeniably powerful voice that fits perfectly with her self-written material, or any other song she chooses to perform. Like a light switch, Rheaume can go from a bright comforting harmony to a dark hard edge at the crowd's request." - Capital XtraHundreds of shows, fans and great stories are bringing Amanda Rheaume to life on the entertainment scene. Having just won $40,000 in Ottawa's "Big Money Shot" talent showdown, Amanda is rapidly solidifying her position in rising to the front of the pack of up and coming female artists in Canada. Determination, courage and strength typifies the high energy and musically rich and diverse live performance Amanda has perfected.Over the past three years Amanda has received critical acclaim from media across the country, opening for bands like The White Stripes, The Trews, Sloan, Jeff Martin and Ani DiFranco to name a few. Her early performing days go as far back as 1999 sharing the stage with veterans Sarah MacLachlan, The Dixie Chicks, and The Indigo Girls at Lilith Fair in Toronto. "To share the stage with these people and connect to their audience is a challenge, and they've embraced me. It's so amazing that such a variety of crowds have taken to my music so well."Her stage show is a high octane, energetic, tight and dynamic. Amanda and her five-piece band deliver a wide range of musical flavours spanning pop, rock, funk, acoustic and even dance. Amanda exudes excitement in concert, organically drawing in the crowds' attention with her positive energy and downright natural love for music and performing.Some Career HighlightsIn May, 2008, Amanda was awarded $40,000 in Ottawa talent showdown contest, "Big Money Shot." She will go on to the quarter million dollar finals this December.Chosen, along with Kathleen Edwards and Kellylee Evans, to perform at CBC's Canadian Divas, a broadcast where the women had to interpret and then cover some of top female vocalists from the golden age of radio and early TVToured throughout Alberta with Babes For Breasts last October, raising $8442.00 with other singer-songwriters including NLX: Natasha Alexandra, Ana Miura, Emily Fennell etc.In 2007 performed over 170 shows in cities across North America including Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, London, Kingston, Calgary, Edmonton, New York, Los Angeles. Also at Aboriginal Day, two Ottawa Bluesfest performances and Indieweek Toronto. If You Never Live
Ancient Amazon Artifact Indigoan music made from gear & high spirited adrenilan junkie Nayan Atlanti Sunplaza
Andrea Rossetti Full name:Andrea Alexis Rae Rossetti Jimenez Birthplace:Lousville, Kentucky Birthday:September 30, 1989 Album:All I Have(In Stores Fall of 2006)Music Genre:Rock & Pop Contact:Andrea Rossetti Fan Mail 1402 Constitution Dr. Lexington, NE 68850 Fun Facts:Andrea is a big baseball fan. She absolutely loves the Oakland Athletics. Andrea plays volleyball, basketball, soccer, and tennis for her high school. Her heroes are her father A.J. Jimenez,and tennis champs Pancho Gonzalez, and Andy Roddick. Andrea was raised in California, but currently lives in Nebraska. All I Have
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