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Canadian Music primary intention was to create a site to help freely promote the Canadian arts community. The entire site has evolved into a valuable resource for canadian musicians and composers, offering free samples, music production tutorials and an archive of articles about music.

The main reason we created this site was to help a small music community grow bigger. Right now the American and European music industry dominates the music market, in both corporate and customer base. Over the years many Canadian artists such as Oscar Peterson, the Tragically Hip, and Gorden Lightfoot just to name a few, have risen in to stardom, making a name for Canadian musicians. Although we have a few big stars in our country, we don't have the budgets of big record labels to help our music thrive. With the new problems of mp3 trading, it is becoming increasingly harder for Canadian musicians to land a record deal. This has forced many musicians to seek out their success independently, with out the help of a label, and that is where we come in. Canadian music artists realizes that many artists just do not have the income to do this on their own, but now with the aid of our free promotion and services, it becomes a little easier.

We will try and provide are services for free for as long as we can, but we do need your help. If you can spare any amount for a donation, doesn't matter how small, it can help ensure that our site hosting fees will be paid for, and site development will continue.

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